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Financial Planning

No matter where you are in your career or your financial life, having a comprehensive financial plan is essential. Since such a plan considers much more than your investments, we focus on getting to know you, your needs, your lifestyle and how you want your life to unfold. We want to know your partner and your family to ensure that we are not just building portfolios but creating a long-lasting legacy for the generations to come.

We believe in a goals-based methodology and work closely with you to identify your specific goals and to establish mutually agreed-upon milestones. We know that circumstances change – sometimes they are planned and sometimes they just happen. Whether it’s marriage, having children, changing jobs or careers or facing divorce or the loss of a partner, we are there to discuss how this will impact your goals and making any necessary adjustments to your plan.

Investment Management

Using our goals-based methodology, we focus on milestones customized for you, rather than trying to outperform market indexes. We use a collaborative, dynamic approach which allows for tactical changes to your portfolio when opportunities dictate. Your portfolios should reflect what’s important to you, especially when it comes to cash for liquidity, investments for longevity, or long-term legacy and wealth transfer solutions.

Using a seven-step process for portfolio development, we start by identifying your specific investment objectives and developing a long-term strategy to achieve them. What follows is a systematic approach to allocating assets, selecting appropriate investment instruments, and monitoring the portfolio to ensure that it remains on track to achieve your objectives. When life transitions or changes occur, we revisit the portfolio strategy and adjust as necessary.

Legacy Planning

When you’ve built wealth, you want to be sure you can leave a legacy for others, whether family members or the beneficiaries of your favorite charities, or both. We can bring together experts in tax, trust services and estate planning to help you articulate your vision and craft an appropriate plan.

Business Management

If you’re an athlete, entertainer, or successful entrepreneur, it is critical to ensure that the financial aspects of your career run smoothly. Whether it’s negotiating contracts, managing business opportunities or addressing multi-state tax issues, we can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Liability management is an important part of any plan. Whether you are building wealth or are ready for retirement, liability management plays an important role in helping you reach your financial goals. With access to personal, business and commercial credit facilities, we are able to coordinate all of your financing needs.

Cash Flow Planning

Strategic consideration of cash flow objectives and needs, along with deliberate cash flow management is essential to the success of your financial plan. We analyze Social Security and pension benefits, future liquidity events, how to protect future income, and income tax planning.

Risk Management (Insurance)

Ensuring the financial wellbeing of those you love most is likely among your top priorities. We will help you determine appropriate life insurance coverage and develop a plan to address long-term care, disability and business succession needs. Your personal and business circumstances can all affect your insurance needs – and as your life changes, so will your needs. We can review your current coverage to determine if it meets your needs and make recommendations as necessary.

Tax Minimization

Tax planning is an essential component of competent wealth management. Managing your tax exposure is one of the most immediate and effective methods of making your money work for you. We partner with our clients’ independent tax advisors to provide meaningful, timely, and actionable information to minimize your taxes and ensure that your tax preparation is as organized and simple as possible.